Veilleuse Tellurique

Veilleuse Tellurique is a handcrafted ambient lamp that visualises with animated lights the breathe of our planet. The smart lamp interprets low magnitude data of recorded seismographs on the web and transcribes them in a generative light.

A product of poetic technology that interacts and modifies the luminous atmosphere of the house by making visible the regular inflexions of the Earth that human beings can not naturally perceive.

One of the highlights of this challenging project was to update traditional golden ornaments upon porcelain by transforming them into a golden electronic circuit which supplies and transmits data to a multitude of LEDs delicately magnetised on the surface of the enamel. LED is an obsolete component compared to the durability of porcelain. I developed this technique of magnetization LEDs upon enamel to be able to replace them in case of failure over time.

I also investigated on the translucid properties of the porcelain and designed a fine biscuit shade that covers the main part of the lamp to diffuse dynamic light in the dark.

The design of the lamp comes from the shape of a volcano. The object echoes our connexion to the earth element.

This design project raises the prowess and the excellence of traditional craftsmanship in the age of digital technologies.

The lamp is intriguing and mysterious because it makes visible a natural phenomenon imperceptible by human beings. This product is captivating because it gives the opportunity to live with smart objects that materialize meaningful data in a poetic way.

Photos credits : Raphaelle Mueller.