Particle Spectra

Particle Spectra is a project developed in the context of a competition published by Villa Noailles to design two rooms in an artists' residency at the Moulin des Ribes in France.

The proposal is to immerses the artists who are in residency in a domestic landscape on the border of our world and the intriguing universe of quantum physics.

The Moulin de Ribes can be interpreted as an architectural machine that pulverises organic matter by fragmentation to extract its quintessence. This sublimation of the material is carried out thanks to a grinding wheel and presses equipped with a rotating mechanical system. Today Particle Spectra equates this emblem of ingenuity with a circular particle accelerator, a technological advanced machine that collides atoms with each other to release even newer particles to unravel the mystery of the origin of matter and the universe.

The particle accelerator makes it possible to study new forces, interactions and phenomena that shook the paradigms of Newton's physics. It is the advent of quantum physics that reintroduces notions of hazard, illogic, and the unknown into the exact sciences.

Thanks to a tour de force, Particle Spectra is a place where each object is a result of a usually impossible meeting between classical physics and quantum physics revealing a new formal vocabulary.

This place shakes our comfort into the private sphere to question us in an underlying way on the origins of forms and their creation.