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Latest work exhibited in Shanghai 26-28 March 2019


Latest work exhibited at the CBD Fair Shanghai

I am pleased to take part in the CBD Fair at the Rong Library exhibition.
The event will take place on the 26-28 March 2019 at the National Convention & Exhibition Center, Shanghai, China.
I will be exhibiting my latest design work : The Cosmic Lacquer & The Folk and Future Screen.


A design project that mixes ancestral craftsmanship with scientific imagery of astrophysics to express our desire to live in outer space. The Cosmic Lacquer is a series of decorative lacquered discs of 40 cm in diameter that illustrate the cosmic phenomena of the universe using ancient techniques of traditional Chinese lacquer. The lacquers show landscapes of nebulae and of the planet Mars captured by telescopes in orbit.


Playful room screens that tell us about the magic behind chinese folk myths & legends. These room screens are furnitures at the crossroads of craftsmanship, folk culture and digital technologies. The structure is handmade in black bamboo and the screen is embroidered silk. The motifs of the embroidery are inspired by the chinese tradition of tiger cloth made for young children. In popular belief, tiger cloths have the power to protect them against misfortunes. The embroidered patterns are animated thanks to a video mapping projected on the silk fabric that gives the feeling of movement, life, and highlights the magic function of the embroidery in the folk culture.

Laura Couto Rosado