Symbiosis between Design, Science, and Technology


Laura Couto Rosado

My name is Laura Couto Rosado. I am a product and media designer based in Geneva. My practice evolves beyond the form/function principle and the “solving problem” dogma; it moves towards other paradigms that reflects the complexity and accelerating social changes.

My projects are at the crossroad of multiple disciplines, revolve around a continual exploration of new territories which are off the beaten path. I am involved in a process of strong symbiosis between design, art, science and technology. This transversal practice misuses technology in a unique way to reactivate our link with nature and make us more conscious of the wonder of its phenomena. The outcomes are hybrid devices that reveal beauty and poetry where one does not expect it.

Since two years, I have been collaborating with theatre directors to create experiences and interactive installations that question the use of emergent technologies in our everyday life.

I am also involved in a personal shamanic practice that enriches and influences subtly my projects.

Photo credit : Raphaelle Mueller.


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